1st Ramadan 2018: Pakistan, USA, UAE, India, Saudi Arabia, UK

1st Ramadan 2018: Pakistan, USA, UAE, India, Saudi Arabia : first Ramadan Messages Urdu, 1st Ramadan Sms In Urdu, 1st Ramadan Quotes, 1st Ramadan Wishes, Greetings Text, Yakam/First Ramadan Urdu/Hindi.

Happy 1st Ramadan 2018: Pakistan, USA, UAE, India, Saudi Arabia

1st Ramadan

1st Ramadan Messages, SMS, Wishes, Greetings, Quotes (Urdu/Hindi)

1st Ramadan 2018  Messages, SMS, Wishes

Ramzan Yeh Rehmatein Barasane Wala Mahina Hy, Ao k Aaj Sub Khataaon aur gunahon Ki Maafi Maang Lein, Is Mahine Mein Darr-e-tauba Khula Hai Har Waqk, Firdous Ki Khusboo Ati Hai Is Mahine Mein, Woh Naseeb Wala Hai Jise Mile jannat-e-Firdous, Ao Aaj Hum Koshish Karein Usse Paane Ki, Jise Hum Ne Abhi Talak Paya Hi Nahin.

Meri Taraf Se Apko Barkaton Aur Rehmaton ka Mah-e-Mubarak *Ramadan*Mubarak*Ho* !!Remember me in ur prayers.

From My Heart .. I Am Wishing you and your family, The blessings of Ramadan. Ramadan Mubarak !!

“Ramadan, Month of “Allah” “Whose” beginning is Mercy, “Whose” middle is Forgiveness, “Whose” end is Freedom from Fire. Ramzan Mubarak Ho.

Today is 1st Roza.. And i pray that ! Happiness be at ur door, May it knock early Stay late & leave the gift of Allah’s Peace, -love, -joy and -good health behind. Pehla Roza Mubarak ho .

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 As the Fajar azan begins.. The 1st holy fast begins May Allah bless u with happinss & grace.. Your home with warmth and peace. aameen ..

“Wishing” “you” a “very “happy” “Ramadan” “Mubarak” May this Ramadan bring u the most in peace & prosperity. May lits triumph ovr darknss. May peace transcend the earth. May the spirt of lite illuminate the wrld.

Wishing All Muslims A blessed Ramadan. *•..,¸??•*´¨`*•,?? ¸.•*´¨`*•??¸ Ramadan .•*´¨`*•.¸?? ¸.•*´ Mubarak `*•.¸??¸.•*´ ¨??`*•.¸¸.•?? Ho *´¨`*•.¸??

 Good Morning ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** RAMADAN ——* *—–* *—— MUBARAK * * ——* *—–* *——

Happy Ramadan to All !!!! May Allah bless You In this holy month Of Ramadan Kareem. aameen.

The first Ramadan of life – Story


I was very young then. Read the class one. Test Holy month of Ramadan is also in front of the front Test-Ramadan together Fasting was not allowed to be fast because I was young. Everyone is always the only one, how to feed me with delusional-well.

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Last year I saw Ramadan, my peers kept two fast. Everyone loves them. And give gifts. I was very jealous. So, now my heart is tough. I was preparing. I have full faith. For all the fasting. And, I will keep fasting to my parents. Crying They agreed. And said, you can keep three fasting. Not more than that Because, the test is in front.

Fasting from tomorrow. Dad bought a lot of things. For Iftar Meanwhile, Abu’s business season. Very busy Came to the night. Twelve in one direction. Before sleeping, I told him, to call in Sehira. Mom said, okay. I thought, my father also needs to say. But, how? Then there was very little circulation in the phone. So there was no other way than writing a letter. What to do, write the letter. To my father. Folded. Beautiful I left behind the tablecloth. Make sense So, while giving the alarra, the letter was in the hands of Babu.

Oion! Ayah !! Rise up Time has been in Sehri. Will not sehari! Get up! Father’s Call. Very happy In a happy, sleeping eyes, all fly and flew all in one blow. Got up I bowed down. Sitting with everyone. I did tremendous enthusiasm. ‘Sehri time is over! Do not eat anymore! ‘Muazzin’s voice Mike from the mosque is coming out Took the path of the mosque with the father. I prayed Fajr prayers. I came home. Sleeping Huge long wide sleep!

Ten in the morning Everybody is awake. On the occasion of the first fasting, the school broke. So we got to work from home given to the school. Mom said, ‘You know, father! During a good month of Ramadan, his reward increases to seventy times’ Subhan Allah! So, we sat with the wheels and amapara. I read. More in the hope of the salon.

Went to the mosque. With your father To earn zohr prayers. Imam Sahib stood up. At the end of the prayer I said, about fasting. Very expensive He said, ‘Allah says fasting is for me. And I am its reward. ‘
He came out of his heart unknowingly, Subhan Allah. So good reward !! Returned from the mosque. Mum said, ‘Have a little rest in the afternoon. Will come before the year You will go to pray with your father. ‘

It’s time for us to be there. I went to the mosque with my father. I prayed. Hungry and thirsty. I went to the market with my father’s hand. We bought more fruit. Aslam came home. I see, Mamu is a kind of Iftar, Bahari is organizing. I was eagerly looking forward to eating a little. But, no! I want to get Allah as a reward.

During the Iftar, the touch touched. I’m looking forward. Isha! When Muazzin Saheb Azan ?!
Dad said, ‘Come on! Two ah. At this time, the two of the rojadars are not returned.
Do two. Mind is full For me. For us for everyone.

Azan’s sound came out from the tower of the mosque Happy Purely holy Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar !! ..

The Father said on my First Ramadan

– Come on, eat, and start eating.
– Father! What are you two
– Tell me, O Allah! I have been fasting for you. And if you have tofil from your Rijk.

I read two. He said, ‘First eat dates.’ Then drink water. It is our beloved Prophet, my beloved Sunnat. ‘
Ah! Iftar is fun! Katta Freshwater !! My veins became refreshing.

God’s great glory! His blessings are infinite! How blessed iftar and sehari! How excited this month! So delicious food like that day, I have not eaten anymore! Such a beautiful and holy day like that day, never came into my life.

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