Islamic Wishes does not authorize the harvesting, mining or collection of e-mail addresses or other information from or through the website or its services.

The website owner does not encourage or permit anyone to use its services for gathering, compiling or receiving information about customers or subscribers, including e-mail addresses, though not restricted to subscribers. The owner of this website shall not enable or permit any effort to abuse its services in such ways that any feature of the services may harm, weaken, exaggerate or hinder or affect the usage or enjoyment of any of the services of any other party.

Should the website owner think that any service is not allowed or misused, he can take the steps he or she considers necessary, including the blocking of messages from a specific internet domain, mail server and IP address, without warning. Any service that is distributed or otherwise linked to any e-mail that breaches the policy may be discontinued by the owner of this website at his absolute discretion.

This policy does not confer the privilege for sharing or submitting e-mail to or from this website and/or services. This policy does not apply. If this policy is not enforceable in any case , the owner of this website does not forfeit its privileges.

The improper use of these services which incur legal, criminal or administratives sanctions for the sender and those helping the sender in conjunction with e-mail transmission, including e-mail transmission in violation of this regulation.

CAN-SPAM violators can be liable to “cause and revoke” orders or fines of up to $11,000 by infringement, as issued by the Federal Trade Commission. In the case of extreme criminals, criminal prosecution still is likely and will result in fines, loss of property and facilities. Penitentiary time can extend to the worst offenders.