How to Draw a Panda, Step by step drawing guide: Panda Bears are the most adorable animals on the planet. They look clear, excellent, and fluffy. Although they are a species of a large bear, they are harmless. Everybody loved panda.

How to Draw a Panda

Especially the kids love them a lot. Today we all are going to learn how to draw a panda. The guide only made for the kids keeping in mind.

Step by Step Guide on How to Draw a Panda Bear

Before we get started, let’s talk about what pandas are? there origin, what they eat? etc.

What is a Panda?

A panda is a species of bear found in the mountain forests of China. Pandas are famous for the look. However, they look like they appear with black and white fur and eat bamboo leaves. They are considered so cute, and Generally, in the cartoons, pandas look adorable. As a result, children and kids like them a lot. Typically, pandas are calm; they can get aggressive when they are scared or irritated. So, don’t go around and hug if you saw. Who knows, maybe he got frightened and run away.

How to Draw a Panda, and What We Need?

Now let’s see how you can draw a Ponder quickly or teaching children how to draw one.

What Do You Need?

Well, drawing a Thunder is not a formidable job, and nothing much is needed. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil if you. If you wish, you can use a graphic tablet or iPad pro or another tablet-like thing. So let’s talk about the process we’re going to do.

Our team tried to make it simple to understand, so we add each step to illustrate the process. And to make it a lot easier, we use multiple colors for stressing and lining. After following those illustrations from the here, you first need to sketch lightly on the paper before doing something else.

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Step-1: Preparing the paper.

To make things quick, you can use a pre-made it read the paper or make it one for yourself. Usually, you can get this type of documents from Amazon at a low price as possible. To draw a panda gridded sketch paper will be awesome.

How to Draw a Panda
Preparing the paper
Why do we suggest you use gridded paper?

Its people can make things a lot more comfortable as it helps determine the Diameter of the sketch. And, it also helps you to minimize the chance of mistakes.

How to create a grid paper for yourself?

It is also an easy step, or you need to draw some vertical and horizontal lines. And each line should define a rectangular. You remembered to draw those lines likely. So that they can be hardly visible, these lines are used for a guide. Without this, they have no other purpose of serving. Also, keep in mind that you should draw those lines in the exact size that gap that each line will equally divide another.

Step-2: Drawing a circle.

How to Draw a Panda
Drawing a circle

We will start by drawing a hot circle, reflecting as the chin of the bear we will remove next in this article. Just follow the illustration we added below. Remember, the shellcode circle should not be fully round and rather would oval shape.

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Step-3: Drawing the head.

How to Draw a Panda
Drawing the head

We will go with the same process as earlier for the head, but we will be drawing on another circle this time around. It will be like the previous one but on the opposite side.

Step-4: Drawing the ears

How to Draw a Panda Beer
Drawing the Ears

Now we will be drawing the ears over the head. Until now, we just remove the face of the bear. And now we are going to make it look like 1. For the ears, we are going to draw another two half circles, but in different places. As we illustrated in the image below, you can see, we have outlined two other half processes on different sides. We recommend you follow them around.

Step-5: Drawing the arms.

How to Draw a Panda
Drawing the arms

Now under the head of the year, we are going to draw the arms. Draw the components correctly, follow our illustration below, and just draw like it. You are drawing something look like a “U.” Then add some lines to look like their fingers.

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Step-6: Drawing the foots

How to Draw a Panda
Drawing the foots

Now draw two circles on each side under the arms you just draw. Rings should not look like a perfect circle rather than these would be oval. These are going to be the feet of the panda drawing today. Inside the feet, small circles on the opposite side of the process. Another oval shape circle is on the below of those three circles. Now we come so far, and this should look like a paw. And our panda is getting shape

Step-7: Drawing the body.

How to Draw a Panda
Drawing the body

Simply add everything you draw until now inside a giant circle, surrounding everything without the head. You should start from under the head from one side and finish at the other, as illustrated below. It looks like you are almost there to do. Finally, able to draw a cute baby bear.

Step 8: Draw the eyes.

How to Draw a Panda
Draw the eyes

Now we will draw the bear’s eyes, and you should notice that it almost looks like a bear. But without the face, it is not complete. So, we will now draw the beginning of the bear. Let’s start with the eyes to draw the eyes. Just draw two small circles on the upper half of the head. For your convenience, you can add a grid inside the ring to make things easier, as we have added here. Now follow around the process and just make the eyes look like eyes.

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Step-9: Draw the mouth and nose.

How to Draw a Panda
Draw the mouth and nose

After completing drawing the eyes, you should move forward to draw the mouth and the nose. And to do so, All you need to do is remove a ship as we do in this illustration below. This needs to be in the middle of the two eyes and the middle of the head. To determine where to put the nose, you can simply draw it in the middle anchor point on the gird inside the head; we draw earlier.

And for the mouth, you can add another shape like us below the nose, leaving a tiny little gap between them.

Step-10: Coloring the Panda.

How to Draw a Panda
Coloring the Panda.

It’s all done, and now our drawing looks like a cute baby panda. But something is missing, right? The panda does not have any color till now. So, we are going to color it and make it look beautiful. Coloring the panda is the easiest part of this joy. All you need to do is fill the hand, legs, nose, eye circles, and the paw with black color, and everything else will remain white. That’s it.

Final Thoughts.

We tried to make things easy and Illustrate the process of how to draw a panda at home and teach your child quickly. We are going to add some other tutorials too, like how to draw a dragon, etc. And hope you will enjoy it; please don’t forget to share if you do that will support us. You can also visit the Islamic Wishes store to find paperbacks full of Drawing and coloring tutorials. We also have coloring pages for adults, girls, boys, and kids.

Most People Frequently Asked

These are some common questions, that people’s are confused about. So, our team find out the perfect answer for these.

How to Draw a Cute Panda?

Panda are cute and everyone admits that. There are a various ways to draw a Panda, but no matter which way you follow. The Panda you draw will always remain cute.

How to Draw a Red Panda?

There is no such thing as a Red Panda, Pandas are black and white in color. Although, human imaginations are full of fancy stuff. So, to draw a Red Panda you can simply swap the black color with red. We think that will make sense.

How to Draw a Realistic Panda?

Drawing a Realistic Panda is quite hard but doable. Although, using paper and pencil is not enough if you are not professional artist. We recommend you to try drawing in a tablet pc, that can reduce a whole bunch of hassle. As they are packed with drawing software and more.

How to Draw a Cartoon Panda?

We have got a well-written guide on “How to draw a Panda” basically which will look cartoonish. You can check our guide on “How to Draw a Panda Bear” here. We do have inserted illustrations to make use to understand and follow around.

How to Draw a Giant Panda?

There are two types of Pandas,1. Qinling panda and 2. Ailuropoda melanoleuca both can become big in size. And, big size pandas are referred to as Giant Panda. There are many ways to draw a Panda and Islamic Wishes has the easiest one for you and your kids.