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Gift describes a “Gift” as, “A present or an item given to someone without the expectation of payment or anything in return. Besides, the word ‘gift’ can mean anything, including forgiveness and compassion, that makes the other happy or less sad.” –Wikipedia (Gift).


Words from numerous language families come to us. The gift comes for “giving” from the old Germanic origin. It applied to an act of giving and then the giving.

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It meant the dowries offered to the parents of a bride in Old English. The Present comes from the French as “now.” Now is the gift. Both were used for the notion of a transfer of ownership from the thirteenth century without the promise of payment. The terms “gift” and “present” are pretty much the same, but even the combined synonyms have their connotations and distinctive usage habits.

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The donation provides a wide range of requirements. Talents can be gifts. The gift of sharing or a musical heritage you may get. Contributions can be immaterial. There is the gift of wisdom or a peaceful day. For stuff like this, we usually don’t use current. There’s more real Present. Ok, a little more, already. Will you say “I have lots of gifts” if your whole family gives donations to your fund for your birthday? But because you never keep these donations in your mouth, offerings tend to match better. It does not sound entirely wrong, though.

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Gift can also be a verb, an adjective to modify a particular verb. What do you name the shop form in which you can buy people’s contributions? A supermarket for products. What do you call the package of gifts you may give to all the staff? Sackcloth.

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In this function of representing other nouns, Present does not work well.  We have gift certificates, sponsorship certificates and gift wrap, packets and cards and present wrap that are not present.

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The gift tends to be more regular than the Present, but the figures can not be precise, since you have this other noun, meaning the here and now if you equate the present noun with the noun present. But the plural noun only catches the term that we like. The Corpus of Contemporary American English includes four to one donations in abundance.

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Nevertheless, my specific interpretation of the words reveals that Present – while not as famous – sounds more relaxed than a gift. I want a boy to order a lot of presents from Santa, not many, not many of them. But I wish you much this year, both physical and intangible, whether it be presents or things you want.


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