Happy Ramadan 2018 – When & What does it Mean?

Happy Ramadan 2018 Ramadan 2018 : Fasting is institution as old as atom. It is nature’s ancient universal remedy for many problems. Animals instinctively fast, when they become ill. We go on vacation from work to relax, we recharge and to regain new perspectives in life. Why do we not occasional breaks from food.

Happy Ramadan 2018

Happy Ramadan 2018

Though we generally think of fasting when people hear about Muslims fasting, they know Ramadan. Every year (Ramadan 2018, this year) muslims fast for that one month, i.e 30 days. However, that is the obligatory principle of fasting Find Ramadan 2018 wishes and greetings. Please share this with your loved ones.

But this period of fasting doesn’t represent the totality of fasting in islam. The principle of fasting because they address so many different aspects of human psychology, physical needs, material needs, their emotional needs; this is not restricted to one time of the year. And that’s why the principle of fasting in islam includes the whole year Some Ramadan 2018 quotes and messages are here.

Happy Ramadan 2018

Socrates, plato and Aristotle all three fathers of western medicine. Hypocrisy, gallon practiced and believed in fasting.  People ask, why is it that, if allah wants me to worship more, why should I fast. Not eat and not drink. How does not eating and not drinking help me focus better, worship better throughout the day. And there is very nice answer to this question. They say that when the stomach is full the rest of the body parts become hungry.

Ramadan 2018

Ramadan 2018

When Is Ramadan 2018?

Your eyes become hungry, your ears become hungry and all other parts, your desire. But when your stomach is hungry; the rest of your body parts become full. And if we were to take the example; if there is someone in the desert or someone who is starving and he is really really hungry and he needs to eat first. Do you think, this person has time for gossip. No. In this holy month of ramadan, may you be blessed with good health, prosperity and may allah’s blessings always shine upon you and your family. Read Also : Ramadan is Loading Images

Because his ears become full, he has time to anything to listen, no. Because his stomach is empty and his ears are full. He is really starving and he needs to eat, and his main concern is to find something. As the stomach become full, the rest of the body parts are full. It kills all your desires, and now you can focus on other things.

Ramadan is approaching soon

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You can focus on ramadan quran. You can focus on your worship and improving your acts of worship and that’s the whole reason why allah tells us to put the food and drinks aside so that you can focus and worship allah. Ramadan 2018 Mubarak – Practice Patience in Ramadan

What Does It Mean to Fast in Ramadan?

What Does It Mean to Fast in Ramadan

Lot of people who are fasting and I heard people ask, what is the definition of fasting? They, tell you. Fasting, is when you don’t eat and you don’t drink from sun up until sun down. And this is a simple definition and people still use it. Fasting and the word sun, it means to abstain. So its not about abstaining food and drink but its abstaining from everything else that’s bad.

From lying, from cheating from anything that is bad. Not just eating and drinking. Unfortunately people now focus on what goes into their mouth and nobody comes out of their mouth. You will find someone is so adamant for a drop of water in his mouth and they split 100 times not to drink a sliest portion of water into their through. Read Also : 1st Ramadan

Make sure you charge your battery well this ramadan. Its hard to see the straight path when your lights are din. 

But they don’t care about what comes out of their mouth and so you find them during Happy Ramadan 2018, they are back biting, they are spreading rumors, they are lying, they are using bad words, they are cursing but yet at the same time they exaggerate about the other things that are permissible. They will take a shower in Ramadan as they know the cold water will hit their ears. Who drinks from his ears? You don’t even smell good food. All these things are not required in the religion. But the main concern is, nothing goes in. And yet they don’t care about what comes out.

Ramadan fasting

Ramadan fasting

So, one of the things about acts of worship is the way you behave. And so, fasting is supposed to impact your manners, your behaviors and the language that you use and make you more truthful, not lie, so on and so forth. So, it’s not just about what goes in but more importantly about what comes out. Also Read : Jumma Tul Wida Mubarak

Ramadan Kareem 2018 is the month in while was send down the Qur’an as a guide to manakind, also clear signs for guidance and judgment between right and wrong. So everyone of you who is present during that month should spend it in fasting. Ramadan Mubarak.

What is the point of Ramadan?

The whole idea about the month of Ramadan is that we are supposed to acquire and do good deeds and habits during for that month that will continue for the rest of the year. What happens unfortunately, if two people have two different life styles. Lifestyle, A which is how I live outside of Happy Ramadan 2018 and lifestyle B which is how I change in Ramadan. In Ramadan, they pray, they fast, they don’t use profanity. They guy who smokes, stop smoking; A man who bites his finger nails, stops biting them. Every possible improvements they make in ramadan.


And then when Eid 2018 comes they go back to life style A. Ramadan is over, the Koran goes back into the shelves, collects dust, stop fasting for the whole year , stops all the other kinds of good deeds, stops giving charities, stops being generous because they want to go to lifestyle A. Read Also : Ramadan Moon Sighting

A Story on Id/eid-ul-fitr 2018 Is Here


When these scholars start speaking about Ramadan who is referred to as schools, you are supposed to learn something in this school to continue for the rest of the year. So its not just that you are good in Ramadan and I can move back to what I am outside Ramadan, its for me to acquire good habits during Ramadan and continue them for the rest of the year and rest of the life.

Let Me Tell You a Ramadan Story.

In a muslim country, there was a man who prayed only in Ramadan. Outside the Ramadan, he stopped praying immediately. So in that country, they announced eid on television. Eid is the next day and they announced it in the news. Which he was praying the TV was on, the reporter said that tomorrow is EID and the guy went out his prayer. This is a very extreme example and different people do this in different degrees. We have how we behave in Happy Ramadan 2018 and how we change and whole idea is to not change even after ramadan. Also Read : Ramadan Calendar Bangladesh 2018

How Does the Stomach of the Believer Compare to That of a Disbeliever?

The believe whatever they participate in is full of blessings. Allah blesses him. From that, we have to understand that a lot of benefit comes out of a very small amount. So the amount of food may be small, but the benefit that Allah allows is a lot.

A hypocrite is someone who out worldly processes to be a Muslim. But in reality, they conceal, all those attributes of a disbeliever. So that’s the nature of a disbelief in a sense and nothing could ever satisfy that person. Because there heart, soul and their mind the world and the things in the world and these worldly things never give the full satisfaction. The real satisfaction comes from knowing allah, remembering allah, and worshipping him. Also Read : Happy Ramadan Poem 2018
That’s what gives rest to the soul and that’s what gives satisfaction to the heart. And the soul and the heart are connected to the body. And if soul and the heart are at rest and the body of the believer comes to rest and lives in peace. And the whole process will be the exact opposite in the case of disbeliever. And that’s why they eat for seven stomachs and the believer eats for one. Also Read : Ramadan Poem 2018

What Is the Qa’dah Fast?

QA’DAH fast in Islam is fast that was made for 3 types of people.

Ramadan Fasting Rules

Ramadan Fasting Rules 2018

Ramadan Fasting Rules 2018

1. Women

When a women is in her menstruation cycle she is not allowed to fast in the month of Ramadan. Those days she misses she is expected to make up outside of Ramadan, before the next Ramadan.

2. People who are travelling.

People who are travelling on business, or people who are travelling on pleasure and the fast those people miss during travelling are expected to make in the month of ramada and it should be finished before the next Ramadan.

3. People who are sick.

An individual who is sick and fasting can worse his / her health then he is allowed to skip fasting and then he can make up the fast after Ramadan and before the next one.

What is Ramadan?

The month of Ramadan is the time of fasting, the time of joy, the time of struggling and the time of reflection. The month of Ramadan is when the Quran is revealed as guidance to humanity and clear evidence for the guidance that would separate truth from false.

So Ramadan as an essence is not just a time of fasting and the phases of it. It’s a fast that starts before sunrise and ends after the sunset. It really is a time of reflection. Ramadan is about the gaining of the consciousness of Allah. This is a month of striving and a month of spirituality, it is a month in which we can improve our lives and to come together thorough out the world. Also Read : Eid Mehndi Design

Does Ramadan Fasting Help Control Ones Desire?

The relationship between fasting and controlling ones desire is a very direct and correlated one. The wisdom behind this is any individual who is thinking about food will not have time to think about his other desires. So therefore when one is hungry and feeling thirsty, it all powers the other desires. So keeping one hungry and keeping oneself thirsty one won’t have time to be distracted by other desires. So, fasting helps control physical as well as other desires. Also Read : Happy Mothers Day Messages

Ramadan Fasting Rules – When Breaking the Fasting During Ramadan, Why Should We Not Over Eat?

When you break your fast, there are many good numbers of reasons why you should not over eat. But this is a prophecy in general. Enough you eat that which keeps you back straight. In terms of food its enough to eat what keeps you alive. But if you have to eat more than that then the maximum that you should eat is a third of your stomach for food, third for drink and the rest should be left for air.

The normal fasting rule as mentioned is to eat what is enough for the body to survive. There are some other reasons is that overeating will not allow people to concentrate for the night prayers. Also Read :Ramadan Calendar 2018 Pakistan

What is the LAYLAT AL-QADR?

LAYLAT AL-QADR is the night of power and destiny. This khuran in the night of power and destiny and what will I explain to you? The night of power is better than 1000 months. In it the angels descent; dealing with all types of affairs. And there is peace until the coming of the dawn. And this is the time when there is absolute peace, when the angles descend; destiny of human beings is rewritten.


We are able to gain the pleasure of allah blessing. In a sense, you will never see in any other day of the year because as allah said, it is better than 1000 months. And this is an amazing thing, so this will give us for our prayers, our fasting, all different aspects, of our striving in this night; Great blessings. Also Read : Ramadan Kareem Greetings

And this would fall in the last 10 days, odd nights of the last 10 days, the strongest and of course the original is on 27th. But we will also look in the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th or the 29th. And so it is the time of the prayer, it is the time of struggling, it is the time of worship, it is the time of reaching out to the creator, it is a time that we should not miss and we should strive to get as close as possible. Also read : Cool EID Mubarak SMS

Why Do People Choose Ramadan as a Time to Give Zakat?

zakat ramadan 2018

Many people choose Happy Ramadan 2018 as  a time to give zakat is because its very easy to remember that is the time to give zakat. Zakat is very important and its paid in time. It is an act of worship that should not be delayed. And when one does delay paying ones zakat it deprives length of your blessings. So therefore it is very important to choose a date that you can remember and what better time than to choose a specific date in Ramadan. Also Read : Happy Ramadan Kareem Dua

Also many people choose Ramadan as a time to give zakat because it is a  month of blessings where the benefit of deeds are increased. So lots of people choose Happy Ramadan 2018 because of the increased rewards or blessings.

What Are Rules or Principles of Ramadan Fasting?

Fasting, as is one of the major pillars of islam. From starting of the day to end of the day, they will not eat, drink or full fill their physical desires. Likewise, any sin that is performed is multiplied. So to summarize, people are allowed to eat before sun rise and after the sun set as you like. During the day, it is encouraged to perform good deeds, recitation of khoran, showing goodness towards once’s parents, righteousness towards neighbors and other types of good deeds can be performed at this time. Also Read : Afghanistan Ramadan Calendar 2018

More fasting rules will be added in our next post.

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