The Holy Books in Islam

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Holy Books in Islam: After the almighty Allah created humankind, He has sent His messengers whenever and where appropriate to bring people out from the depths of darkness and misery into the light of truth and glory.

the Quran book laying on the second floor by Masjid Pogung Dalangan

All the Holy Books in Islam and Our Prophets

To enable the messengers of Allah spread the word of Allah and His teachings, Allah announced some of the Messengers of Holy Books. That is, trust in Islam can not be fulfilled unless one acknowledges which Allah has unveiled specific Holy Books.

There are four aspects to believing in Holy Books. Among the books deemed to be revealed, the four names mentioned in the Quran include the Tawrat (Torah or Law) revealed to Musa (Moses), the Zabur (Psalms) revealed to Dawud (David), the Injil (the Gospel) revealed to Isa (Jesus), and the Quran revealed to Muhammad. In Islam, the Quran is believed to be the only Holy Book that has not been altered over time.

Major Holy Books in Islam and Prophets


The Quran is Islam’s central religious text, and Muslims think there is a revelation from Allah. There are many titles in The Qur’an and Quraan was also known as (Al-Huda, Adh-Dhikr, Al-Furqan, and Al-Kitab) The Holy Quran has been disclosed to the Holy Prophet Mohammad as the absolute rule of life for humanity until the end times. This is no less than Allah’s blessing since this book contains an awareness of every aspect of life, whether physical, social, economic or religious.

Tawrat (Also Known as Torah)

Hazrat Musa was revealed with The Tawart. The word Tawrat means “The Law.” Qur’an confirms Tawrat’s revelation in many places. The Torah has been presented to Moses (Musa) according to the Quran, but the Quran claims that the existing Torah has endured abuse over the years, and is no longer reliable. Moses and his brother Aaron (Hārūn) used the Torah to transmit the truth (Banu Isrā’īl) to the Israelites. We provided direction and illumination to the Torah. By it the priests who yielded to God measured the Jews, and so did the rabbis and the divines, in what they were required to keep in the books of God, and by what they are witnesses to. Do not be afraid of humans: fear Me, and do not take a small price for My revelations. Unbelievers are the people that measure not according to the teachings of Christ


Zabur was revealed to Hazrat Dawood (A.S) following Tawrat. Zabur is translated into English as Psalms. Hazrat Dawood (A.S) had a beautiful voice and was a great leader. Zabur has been revealed to be sung as a form of worship and praise of God according to the time it was announced. The Quran mentions Zabur’s Revelation.

And it is your God who knows best all the things that are in the heavens and on earth: We have conferred more (and more) blessings upon some prophets than upon others: and We gave the Psalms to David.’ (17:55).

This means “songs” in Arabic because this revelation came in the form of a collection of songs or chants to Prophet Dawud (AS). Just like Tawrat, the original text of this holy book is no longer with us. In the Holy Quran, the original message of the sacred book Zabur is still maintained since Tawheed was taught by the prophet Dawud (AS). Allah Almighty states in the Holy Quran:”.. and We gave the Zaboor to Dawood.

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Injil (Also known as Gospel)

Injil was revealed to Hazrat Isa (A.S.) as translated as the Gospel. As the Holy Quran confirms: ‘ We sent after them Jesus, the Son of Mary, and gave him the Gospel; and We ordained compassion and mercy in the hearts of those who followed him ‘ (57:27). Like the Tawrat, several people make the error of claiming that the Injeel is the Bible’s latest testimonial. That, however, is far from the truth. As with many other Books of Allah (SWT), Injeel’s actual text is no longer available. That is why Muslims are not permitted to read the altered Holy Books. Like other holy books of Islam, the Injeel’s word is also retained in the Holy Qur’an script.

Last Words about The Holy Books in Islam

Being a Muslim, we have to believe in all the books of heaven and also believe that they are from Allah Almighty. Acceptance of his rules is not lawful for him since at some occasions such holy books in islam were exposed to some nations. Those who believe in the Holy Quran need to consider in the other books of Heaven. But one thing we should keep in mind is that the Muslims ‘ belief in the “Books of Allah” refers only to the “original guidance” received by their Prophets, and not to the current version of these Holy Books except the Holy Qur’an.