Top 50+ Islamic Birthday Wishes 2019

Islamic Birthday Wishes: Islam is one of the significant religions on the planet and on the off chance that you intend to commend an Islamic birthday, you should know about their customs, their fasting season; you need to guarantee a great deal of things. By and by you can simply tell your companions and welcome them an Islamic birthday or simply reveal to them that you wish to tell welcome them in an Islamic birthday sort of way.

Best 50+ Islamic Birthday Wishes

islamic birthday wishes

Islamic Birthday Wishes

There are such a large number of things you can let them know and here are a few statements on Islamic birthday welcome that you can really utilize.

The thing is that Islamic birthday party is actually nice to celebrate, after all just do so much.

Islamic birthday party is going to be fun if you get to try it out with all your friends, seriously.

I ask nothing from Allah ever since He gave you to us for you are everything we wished for.

May you enjoy this day and that may everything actually work out the way you want them to.

I wish that you would have the best birthday party ever because you of all people deserve to.

My wife, when Allah gave you to me, I was just so overwhelmed with so much happiness.

You are my life, my son you are all that I have asked for and even more than that, happy bday.

Stop thinking about the past and focus more on your future, you are going to be alright, dear.

I want to thank you for all the times you’ve been nothing but kind to me, I appreciate it so.

You have a way of looking after me without me noticing and I want to thank you for that, bro.

I wish we can always just keep on being together, brother, you are my idol, enjoy your bday!

I just hope that everything will work out the way they’re supposed to as they always do.

There is so much more to life than you know, so go ahead celebrate an Islamic birthday.

You are going to climb so many hurdles in this life but it’s going to be okay, believe me on it.

May you know that being together with you are the best moments of my life, happy bday, bro.

I’ve ask you a thousand times why you think we are friends and your silence tells me all of it.


Asalam-0-alikum perusers today i’m expounding on delightful Islamic birthday wishes and statements for Muslim with pictures. Before you look at delightful Islamic birthday welcome. I should need to clear couple of things.

In your smile you have made me realize just how kind of a person you are, enjoy your bday!

You have been providing for your family ever since day one and they are very much grateful.

When things start looking bleak, just put your faith in him you will be okay, happy bday!

Stop thinking about your past it will only burden you but instead think of what is ahead of you.

You are going to be more than fine, you are going to be as wonderful as you are, believe me.

Happy birthday, I hope you enjoy every second of your life because it matters, really, to me.

I want you to be enjoying your life, to be as awesome as you possibly can in this world, girl.

Stop thinking about what you can’t do and start thinking what you possibly can, believe me.

You are going to be just as happy as you are because I care for you and I wish you best.

When that Islamic birthday party comes to mind, you are the first person that I think about.

I wish you can tell me how things came to be and how an Islamic birthday party goes along.

I have never been happier to see anyone as much as when I have seen you, thank you so.

Happy birthday to you, I have learned a lot from you on these past few days, thank Allah.

I thank Allah for keeping you safe every time that you are far away from me, I love you so.

You are my happiness, you are my source of joy and I can’t be happier right now, really.

May you realize that you are beautiful in your own way if you learn to look at yourself.

For a moment, stop and look at your reflection, see the beautiful girl staring back at you.

Keep your faith in Allah and you will be alright, enjoy your birthday and just have fun!

You need to realize that there is so much more to life so go and travel out there!

Happy Islamic birthday, my friend, I wish that you can be the best that you can be, ever!

You are the person I would celebrate an Islamic birthday party with, I really gladly would.

There is nothing more to an Islamic birthday than showing strong faith in Allah and life.

Let us celebrate your life by throwing you an Islamic birthday party, you are the best there is.

When you want to try out something new, try the Islamic birthday party, it is awesome, really.

Wishing or observing Birthday in Islam is very touchy theme, Some Ulma and Muftis say its disallowed in Islam. while other permit to commend birthday however without doing anything Haram. like outgoing person and futile things in festivity. At that point question raise how to celebrate?

May you have a happy day today and celebrate your big day in an Islamic birthday way!

I thank Allah for all the blessings that He has given you, enjoy your bday today, my friend.

You are blessed with luck and love and should thank Allah for everything that you have.

May this chapter of your life be the one where you put all your faith in the heavens up above.

You are the captain of the life that you are in so go ahead and do what you want with it.

Today is the day you must show the world just how great you are, with Allah at your side.

With the faith you have in the heavens, you should believe that you can do anything you want.

Well birthday is just means we’re drawing nearer to death. So it ought to be an update for us all. Whoever will praise his birthday must think back his entire and think what he have improved the situation for Jannah and Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) and what he could have done on the off chance that he was en route of Islam.

Make this day something that you will always remember no matter how long time takes you.

This birthday of yours only happens once every year so go ahead and make the most out of it.

May you learn to enjoy things as they go by, you can do great things, just put your heart out.

Some days, you need to take time off for yourself and just realize that there is beauty in life.

Islamic birthday is a fun thing to try out to see the difference between religions and know it.

Your birthday is important too, so do not just disregard it as another normal, boring day.

You are what you think you are so go ahead and believe you are made of universe inside you.

No matter what happens in this world, we are here for you, your Islam family through & thru.

Life will try to give you some stress but you need to understand that it is all going to be okay.

Cherish your life for you only have one and try to do great things for a good cause, really.

Every wish you make will make its way to Him so you just have to wait for them to happen.

Eventually you will realize what you need to do to actually be alright, so do just that, dear.

I wish I can tell you that there are a thousand of reasons you should celebrate, today is one.

Through all the hardships in life, you kept a straight face, do the same this day, get on with it.

You should do your best to enjoy every moment that you have, you can’t do any repeats at all.

Try to maximize your time, to focus on one task before moving on to another, you can do this.

A birthday is meant to be celebrated with friends so let us go out tonight and just celebrate.

You are one of the people in my life that I care for a lot and I wish you the happiest bday ever.

Though you may not have big progress, as long as it is steady, believe me that it’ll be okay.

Believe me when I say you are more than capable of doing things your way, just trust yourself.

Every day, I still thank Allah for letting you come into our lives, you are the best person, dear.

One must lament about his past minute which he spent without recognition of Allah. I’m not so religious but rather I think whether any Muslim need to praise his birthday or wishes to mastermind an unexpected birthday party for his cherished one then he should accomplish something righteousness something which please Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala).

I wish you a happy Islamic birthday, may things actually go along your way on this day.

There are some things that I can only wish for the best Islamic birthday party is one of it.

Islamic birthday are fun to celebrate because you get to learn something new every time.


Keep your last year exercises in your psyche and suppose you had kicked the bucket would you be in Jannah (Heaven) or jahanum (Hell). ?

There are so many ways that you can celebrate and one of them is an Islamic birthday party.

Have the most Islamic birthday party ever and just have some fun trying to figure things out.

May you prosper through whatever field you are in right now because you are faithful, dear.

And though you will have some hardships in life, at the end of the day it will all be worth it.

You should celebrate this day simply because it is a reminder of when you are alive right now.

With the grace of Allah, you will get to where you want to be in life, happy bday to you, dear.

You are going to be prosperous on every deal you try to make, believe me, enjoy your big day.

Today is the day that you should celebrating with all that you have because you matter, girl.

No matter what other people may try to tell you to get you down, remember that you are okay.

Words are not even enough to express what I want to tell you, but nevertheless, enjoy this day.

You are going to survive this, you are going to be fine, for now just enjoy your birthday, love.

Every wish, I ask for the same thing for you, that you may be happy every day from this day.

Forward is where you should always go, always seek for the things that makes you better.

It is on educational purposes that you can throw an Islamic birthday party to learn more of it.

Improving yourself also means improving those around you so go and get the glory, my dear.

What you are is a blessing from Allah for He made you who you are today, be faithful, friend.

You keep on getting more beautiful and better and I wish you would enjoy this birthday, dear.

Birthday is beginning of a new year of your life. I hope Allah sends his angles to care and guide you in the coming years ahead. Happy birthday!

May Allah fill your life with endless happy moments, countless wonderful surprises, and infinite success! Happy birthday dear friend.

May Allah bless you with a long life! this is my sincere prayer to Allah on your birthday. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sister. wishing you happy & prosperous years ahead of you. May Allah bless you forever & always 🙂 & well of course. stay fabulous!.

May Allah bless you with a healthy and happy life. May your All wishes come true. The can be my honest prayer to Allah on your birthday. Happy Birthday Dear!

Allah really loves me, as he have blessed me with a husband like you! hope he adds more and more years of joy in your life, so that i can spend more and more years with you! Happy Birthday Honey.

So many wishes, So many smiles too many memories too few words with one big birthday happy birthday.

Allah loves you a lot. That is why he has blessed you with another year to live, to love and to enjoy! Happy birthday!

Patience and wisdom are two elements to live a happy and prosperous life. On this special day of yours, May Allah bless you with these two elements that are essential for a joyful life. I wish happy life ahead!! Happy Birthday.

Wishing that Allah always bless your family with smiles, happiness, and togetherness.

Hey it’s my birthday!!! being born into Islam is the biggest blessing of Allah.

Birthday is a special day to thank Allah for the beautiful gift which he has given to us.. A gift of life!! Treasure it, respect it and love it. Happy Birthday.

Its proud to be a parent of such a great blessing.“Whoever has two daughters and treats them kindly, They will be a protection for him against Fire.” – (Muhammad Peace be upon him)

With Allah’s generosity and divine grace, I feel really lucky that he have someone so sweet and adorable like you in my life Happy Birthday.

As you blow the candles tonight, i silently make a wish to Allah, to guide you all your life, and to take care of you Every time!

Sending your way, beautiful and heartfelt wishes, On this special occasion of your birthday! May Allah bless you happy birthday.


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