Kurban Bayramı 2018 (Eid el Adha) in Turkey

Kurban Bayramı 2018:  Kurban Bayrami 2018 {Bakrid}: – After the Ramadan Season starts; another most important festival of Muslims is Kurban bayrami which is also known as Bakrid-Id-ul-Adha,on the auspicious occasion of bayrami kurban,there would be a great gathering of Family, Relatives and Friends in Turkey region. Since as per records and ancients sayings .

Kurban Bayramı

Kurban Bayramı 2018

Kurban Bayrami will start commencing on the 12thmonth of the Islamic calendar,kurban bayrami 2018 is celebrated on the 10thday of the Dhu-al-Hijjah Month,where this bayrami 2018 kurban festival lasts for 4 and half days.This time Kurban Bayrami is expected to arrive on August 21 to August 22 in between Kurban bayrami 2018.

Kurban Bayrami 2018

The principle term for Kurban Bayrami is Bakrid-Id-ul-Adha” – So, what is Bakrid-Id-ul-Adha? Simple, it is a national festival celebrated all over turkey region with all gatherings.

August 21 in between Kurban bayrami 2016

What Is The Beauty Of Kurban Bayrami and its hitory?

The beauty of Kurban Bayrami is – it is celebrated After Ramazan Bayrami 2018, Bayrami last for 4 and half days continuously with all family and friends presence, thereby all together goes to Mosque and pray equally for the sake of Peace and faithfulness.

As this festival comes the people of turkey wears new clothes and contributes their family’s equally share to poor people so that they too also celebrate Ramadan Bayrami.

The main concept behind celebrating with all family and friends is Ramadan Bayrami is all about preparing sweets and sharing with each other.

The history behind this festival is-its the sacrifice given by the Ibrahim, its a very great sacrifice where gods asked Ibrahim his sons Kurbaani ,kurbaani is a urdu word.gods asked Ibrahim a sacrifice which was his son Ishmael neck cuts off from head, this conversations was going in the dream of Ibrahim, where he obeyed his gods order and took his son in the forest to give sacrifice,but somehow every one gets to know the matter,even Ishmael also,After knowing the truth also, he did not refused to give sacrifice himself for god.he was happy to sacrifice himself.when this going to happen,Ibrahim did not found his son Ishmael unharm ,due to gods miracle.so this is the history of kurban bayrami 2018.

How About Kids over Celebrating Kurban Bayrami?

  • Certainly they do celebrate with plenty of joy and some amount of money which they received from their grandmother and grandfather.
  • Once after finishing Prayer – All together starts eating sweets and enjoy their meals prepared lavishly. On the first day of Kurban Bayrami; many of turkey nationals starts rushing to the highways to enjoy this 3 days festival.
  • On this occasion; one can find numerous sweet shops with variety of sweets be selling on shops so, many around the globe will be waiting for this festival to have special sweets.

What Is More About Kurban Bayrami?

Yeah!! On this festival – People of turkey will be enjoying each other’s company, and you will also all music bands playing around turkey.

Does kurban bayrami 2018 have any Holiday for Children’s?

Yes, right from the Elementary, Schools, colleges, government offices and private organizations will be closed for the 3 days. They main benefit of this day from the local transportation compare to earlier days is slight decrease in charges.

Yes, once can go to anywhere within these 3 days with very low fair amount. Hope, again kurban bayrami 2018 will offer a great value to all Muslims all over the globe.

So by giving charity to poor people, meeting all together and enjoying Kurban Bayrami day will last memory for another one year.So, what’s your plan for Kurban  Bayrami 2018 festival? Where are you going to celebrate this Bakrid?

Article publié pour la première fois le 25/01/2018

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