Ramadan Calendar Bangladesh – 2018 (Dhaka Timetable)

Ramadan Calendar 2018 Bangladesh : Ahlan-Sahlan-Maha Ramadan, Favorite Bloggers Assalam Alaikum Ramadan Mubarak Everyone thinks that Ramadan is not so much, so why do you say goodbye? Yes, this is the reason for informing you something today. The Ramadan of 2018 is going to start on May 15, 2018. Ramadan is a very important month for all Muslims. This month a lot of important significance. In Ramadan, we refrain from all forms of food intake, and physical demand (like: we should not have sex with our wife, we can’t Smoke etc.).

Ramadan Calendar 2018 Bangladesh

Ramadan Calendar 2018 Bangladesh

Ramadan Calendar 2018 Bangladesh

For the last two years, a question in the whole of Bangladesh is not known to everyone, “When did you start from the beginning”? So someone says 12, someone says 13. But there is no answer? Is there any explanation of the month of Ramadan? What does the law say? I have found answers to these questions, and I am surprised to see some information logic that I could not share with you.
For the welfare of the media, all of you know that a class of people fasts fast after one or two days before the national Eid-fasting and accordingly they observe the Eid. In fact, they are confronted with a strange truth without looking for their different work.

Afghanistan Ramadan Calendar 2018 

Eid-moon-fasting, we all remember the words of a Sahih Hadith, that is, “You observe fasting after the moon and break the fast after watching the moon.” All religious rituals are celebrated by the complete Saheeh Hadith and on this, but with little deep meditation, the first word is “You,” this “ye” means all the followers of Rasul Karim (path). There is no mention of ethnic or spatial differences, and we all know that all the words of Rasoola Karim (PBUH) apply to the whole Muslim community.

In 2018, the first of Ramadan (17 May, Thursday)
(Depending on the moon sighting)

Many people Ben, the moon arises in different areas in one place. Know that Allah-Pak has declared in Surah Al-Baqbaraah of the Holy Qur’an 189 AD. “Ask him (Prophet Muhammad) about the condition of the moon (natural), let me tell you These lunar times are specific for people, for people (for different subjects) and pilgrimage. ” Notice that here, Allah-Pak has spoken about one and a day of Pangi for the entire humanity. This is the Lunar Calendar. We are using it so much that we have made it public at all times. Now what is the loss of using the regional language, and what is the purpose of Eid-fasting? Their primary objective is to create unity in the Muslim world and to strengthen Bhattsabha further. The goal of the Luna calendar is to use it locally and manually.

Ramadan Calendar 2018 Bangladesh :

When is Ramadan 2018 in Bangladesh

Now let us see how this day-date is fixed in Bangladesh? There is a “national moon sight” under the Ministry of Religions in Bangladesh. They announce the day after each religious day. How do they know the day? They all sit in an air-conditioned room of the Islamic Foundation, from where the night sky remains The top globes of the meteorological building are not seen. All of them sit on the TV-radio in a room announcing “In the sky of Bangladesh In most of the years, the sky clouds are covered because they do not see the moon. The news comes from different parts of Bengal; now it is being talked that if you can fast after hearing the news of moon seen in Chittagong, then what is the problem of fasting when you hear the news of moon in Saudi Arabia?

Happy Ramadan Poem

Now, Nissi said, “There is a lot of difference between Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia.” How many i say You know Only three hours in the world, the maximum time difference in the country is only three and a half hours, so there is no possibility of a day or time difference, and for this reason, other religious people can perform their religious rituals on the same day, such as Easter Sands, Christmas, etc. and only wise. Notice, since the Moon is a satellite of the Earth, and since the creation of the Earth, If the new moon is first seen in Saudi Arabia, then it should be seen in Bangladesh in a short distance. Think of it from the subway, there are two people standing in different places on the same basis – Suppose one is in Bangladesh and another One Saudi-Arabia Now the person standing in Saudi Arabia saw the moon at an angular distance, if he raised the same moon or one or two degrees, then the people of Bangladesh could see the moon.

Ramadan Calendar 2018 Pakistan 

Therefore, why do not we see why, because most of the time, the moon in our country for a concise time It is seen in the dark place? But due to the cloud-density and due to time-deficit and daylight, the moon is visible. It is not clear which is clear after one or two days, and Helal Committee announces it (notice that the Eid moon can be seen thicker than normal). It is easy to say that the system that is declared by the Helal Committee on the day is very correct, but it is wrong in the rules. In the same way, it is more logical to search around the globe (it’s a second issue in the field of science). And if this is announced, it is possible to build a sense of brotherhood in the world, and in this, the real purpose of these religious practices will be achieved.


Let’s examine it for the purpose not to celebrate at the same time, but to observe the same day. Many people, like so many people, like the dogmatic and idiotic, will be forced to exaggerate the time difference, country-limits, etc., for them, some questions for them – “When is the Jumma prayer all over the world? When? “Pakistan was together at the same time while being together, divided the land and the sky and the sky be divided? “No one in Saudi Arabia came to Eid and saw two fasts still, what would he do? ” Answer the questions you have.

This Ramadan timetable 2018 will help the Muslim peoples living in the Bangladesh to know the exact dates of Ramadan in 2018. Ramadan Calendar 2018 is different for every single city. Follow the Ramadan Calendar 2018 for top cities in Bangladesh.

Date Day Sehr Iftar
16 May Wednesday 03:51 am 6:35 pm
17 May Thursday 03:51 am 6:35 pm
18 May Friday 03:50 am 6:36 pm
19 May Saturday 03:50 am 6:36 pm
20 May Sunday 03:49 am 6:37 pm
21 May Monday 03:48 am 6:37 pm
22 May Tuesday 03:48 am 6:38 pm
23 May Wednesday 03:47 am 6:38 pm
24 May Thursday 03:47 am 6:39 pm
25 May Friday 03:46 am 6:39 pm
26 May Saturday 03:46 am 6:40 pm
27 May Sunday 03:46 am 6:40 pm
28 May Monday 03:45 am 6:40 pm
29 May Tuesday 03:45 am 6:41 pm
30 May Wednesday 03:45 am 6:41 pm
31 May Thursday 03:44 am 6:42 pm
01 June Friday 03:44 am 6:42 pm
02 June Saturday 03:44 am 6:43 pm
03 June Sunday 03:43 am 6:43 pm
04 June Monday 03:43 am 6:44 pm
05 June Tuesday 03:43 am 6:44 pm
06 June Wednesday 03:43 am 6:44 pm
07 June Thursday 03:43 am 6:45 pm
08 June Friday 03:43 am 6:45 pm
09 June Saturday 03:42 am 6:46 pm
10 June Sunday 03:42 am 6:46 pm
11 June Monday 03:42 am 6:46 pm
12 June Tuesday 03:42 am 6:47 pm
13 June Wednesday 03:42 am 6:47 pm
14 June Thursday 03:42 am 6:47 pm


About The Ramadan 2018 In Bangladesh:

Islam is the largest religion of Bangladesh. Ramadan Calendar 2018 Bangladesh . Bangladesh is the fourth largest Muslim population country in the world (after Indonesia, Pakistan, and India), about 90% people are Muslim in Bangladesh. This people celebrate Ramadan every year. This Ramadan timeline will help every Muslims people lived in Bangladesh.

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