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Ramadan is Loading Images Ramadan is Loading Pics Ramadan is Loading Photos & Ramadan is Loading Quotes: May the holy month of Ramadan begin May 6th. Sharza Center for Astronomy and Space Science, the United Arab Emirates Research Institute, said on the last day of the month of Shaban 5 May. As it is, the fasting month of Ramadan will begin on 6th May.



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Arab month depending on the moon look. And the Muslims of the world celebrate month-long fast by watching the moon. It is the policy of Islam. The Sarza Center for Astronomy and Space Science said that this time the Muslim Ummah will observe 13 hours 10 minutes fast during Ramadan and at the end of the 13 hours and 40 minutes, this is the time of fasting.


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They say, on 5 May the local time of the United Arab Emirates will rise in the last 46 minutes, the moon of holy Ramadan. Even after that noon, the moon of the month of Ramadan can be seen in the afternoon.


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It is to be noted that, in general, Muslims are more comfortable to observe fasting by observing the moon than the astronomical research. Although the dates of fasting and Ramadan are determined before the moon is seen in the eyes of the people for the benefit of technology.


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Today we have a wonderful gathering of Ramadan pictures, which give a cheerful news that Ramadan 2019 is coming soon for every one of the Muslims around the globe. Time to set yourself up for the up coming month of gifts, pardoning and upbeat Sehri and Aftari times.

Each Muslim sibling and sister anticipates during the current month to get up right on time for Sehri time and after that appreciate the superb pleasurous evening time of Aftari. Here are pictures, gifs and backdrops to tell everybody that Ramadan is coming soon for us all to ask, quick and request Allah’s pardoning in this gifts month!